Project Space: Homelessness in Eugene, OR

Initial Goal: Giving dignity back to the Eugene homeless community. 

The team identified three possible problem spaces:

1. Stability - how to foster a sense of stability for the homeless.

2. Communication - minimizing the information gap within the Eugene homeless community.

3. Hygiene - providing the homeless with basic hygienic care. 

After immersing ourselves in the project and reaching out to three different community partners (The Dining Room , Bags of Love, and ShelterCare).

We reframed our initial question into: "How can we provide feminine hygiene care for homeless women in Eugene?"



We created a Go Fundme Page, Facebook event, collection bins, flyers, and t-shirts to spread awareness for our campaign. 

Prep work included:

1.Planning the fundraiser

2.Contacting facility coordinators

3. Handing out/putting up flyers

4. Reserving space at our Student Store as the location to hold the drive.


The two-day drive accumulated awareness for the problem space and a physical donation. The donation amounted to a total of 645 individual feminine hygiene items as well as $170 in donation. 


Design for America

DFA is an interdisciplinary student-run organization using a human centered design process to address issues and create tangible change within our community. Our studio chapter is part of the national DFA non-profit started at Northwestern University in 2009.