feast for fifty . 2016

flight tray . Izzy McDowall. 2016

HOVASEAS Moc & Chukka . Connor Carlson . 2016

Equivocal Collection. Connor Carlson . 2016

University of Oregon Guest Lecturer. Ayse Birsel . 2015

Design for America . UO Chapter . 2015-

human Landscape . on-going study

denmark&others . 2016

Vancouver Folk Festival . 2014

oregon. on-going study

on-route to AZ . 2016.

colorado . 2015

climbing . 2014, 2016



For a long time I have been fascinated by this ability to capture moments in time. 

As a quiet child, I frequently found it difficult to speak to people, photography allowed me to express what I thought was important to the world and transition their eye from me to a piece of life that I found value in.

My transition from disposable cameras to the digital world was vital in my ability to cultivate a division between special moments and visual noise.